ABAX Appoints SaaS Veteran Emma Dyga as New CEO

ABAX, a leading mobility data company based in Europe, has named Emma Dyga as its new Chief Executive Officer effective October 1st. Dyga brings over 15 years of experience driving growth for software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies. Her expertise will be invaluable as ABAX aims to solidify its position as a global telematics leader.

Outgoing CEO Morten Strand will shift to a new role as Vice Chairman of the Board. He will focus on mergers and acquisitions and strategic partnerships. This transition represents an exciting new chapter for ABAX as the company looks to scale internationally.

About Emma Dyga

Emma Dyga joins ABAX from her previous role as Chief Operating Officer at QNTM Group, a MarTech and e-commerce solutions provider based in Stockholm. At QNTM, she was instrumental in scaling operations during a period of rapid company growth.

Earlier in her career, Dyga served as CEO of APSIS, a digital marketing software company. She brings over a decade of experience driving strategic transformation and expansion for SaaS businesses.

ABAX’s Board Chair Nick Day emphasized Dyga’s software and technology expertise as a key factor in her appointment. Her leadership capabilities and industry knowledge will be pivotal for ABAX’s next growth phase.

For her part, Dyga expressed enthusiasm about joining ABAX and helping propel its mission of using mobility data as a catalyst for innovation. She highlighted the ability of ABAX’s platform to help companies improve sustainability, mitigate risks, and optimize operations.

ABAX’s Growth Trajectory

Founded in 2003, ABAX has grown from a small startup into one of Europe’s largest mobility data specialists. The company now has a presence spanning eight countries.

ABAX’s growth has accelerated in recent years under outgoing CEO Morten Strand’s leadership. The company has doubled in size during his five-year tenure. It has also expanded its footprint from a Nordic telematics player into an international leader.

The company’s pioneering mobility data platform ingests and analyzes data from connected vehicles and assets. This provides customers with insights to reduce costs, boost efficiency, and meet sustainability targets.

As mobility needs and regulations evolve, ABAX is positioned strongly to help organizations leverage telematics to transform operations. However, competition is intensifying from both startups and incumbents.

Emma Dyga’s appointment aims to usher in ABAX’s next growth phase. Her experience scaling SaaS operations will be invaluable in cementing ABAX’s global leadership status.

Dyga’s Vision for the Future

In her statement, Emma Dyga emphasized ABAX’s potential to become a truly global industry leader under her leadership. She plans to focus on:

·         Expanding ABAX’s customer base across new industries and geographic regions

·         Forging strategic global partnerships to extend ABAX’s platform reach

·         Investing in ABAX’s software platform and data capabilities to widen the competitive gap

·         Accelerating recurring revenue growth by expanding SaaS solution offerings

·         Exploring M&A opportunities to acquire talent, technology, and data assets

·         Developing a world-class team to drive operational excellence as ABAX scales

Dyga highlighted that ABAX’s platform unlocks value for customers across sustainability, risk management, costs savings and productivity. Her vision will enable more organizations to leverage these benefits through ABAX’s telematics solutions.

Outgoing CEO Reflects on Growth

Reflecting on his tenure, outgoing CEO Morten Strand expressed pride in ABAX’s growth journey under his leadership. When he joined in 2018, ABAX was primarily a Nordic player. Through strategic moves, the company now generates over 50% of revenues outside the Nordic region.

Under Strand, ABAX also pivoted successfully from hardware to software. Its platform and SaaS offerings now comprise the majority of sales. Strand also spearheaded expansion into adjacent industries beyond ABAX’s automotive roots.

As Vice Chairman, Strand will continue supporting ABAX’s growth through M&A and strategic partnerships. Dyga’s appointment enables Strand to focus more wholly on these key activities to further scale ABAX.

Conclusion and Future Outlook

Emma Dyga’s appointment as CEO comes at an opportune juncture for ABAX to accelerate its global growth plans. Her SaaS expertise and leadership abilities are well-suited to guide ABAX’s next chapter.

With mobility demands evolving rapidly, ABAX is positioned to help organizations globally leverage telematics data. Expect Dyga to swiftly execute on expansion plans, moving aggressively into new markets and verticals.

Dyga’s technology background is also a boon as ABAX aims to widen its competitive advantage through platform innovation. Meanwhile, outgoing CEO Morten Strand will continue contributing via M&A and strategic alliances.

Under this new leadership structure, ABAX appears primed to solidify its position as a global telematics powerhouse. Dyga’s bold vision and proven execution capabilities make her the ideal leader to take ABAX to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience does Emma Dyga bring to ABAX as its new CEO?

Emma Dyga is a seasoned software and technology executive with over 15 years driving growth for SaaS companies. She recently helped scale operations as COO of MarTech provider QNTM Group. Dyga also served as CEO of digital marketing software firm APSIS.

How has ABAX grown over the past decade?

Founded in 2003, ABAX has grown from a Nordic startup into one of Europe’s largest mobility data companies. Under outgoing CEO Morten Strand, ABAX doubled in size and expanded internationally. It now generates over 50% of revenues outside the Nordic region.

What is ABAX’s core business?

ABAX develops software platforms that ingest and analyze data from connected vehicles and assets. This delivers insights to help companies reduce costs, boost efficiency, and meet sustainability goals. Their solutions are delivered via SaaS and software platforms.

What can we expect from Emma Dyga as CEO?

Dyga aims to accelerate ABAX’s global expansion, forge strategic partnerships, widen its technology edge, and extend its SaaS solution portfolio. She wants to cement ABAX as an international telematics leader.

What will Morten Strand’s new role as Vice Chairman involve?

As Vice Chairman, Morten Strand will focus on M&A and strategic alliances. This will allow Dyga to concentrate on executing ABAX’s growth strategy. Strand’s business development role will help ABAX scale globally through partnerships.

Final Thoughts

·         With mobility and sustainability demands evolving quickly, ABAX’s telematics solutions are strategically important for organizations globally.

·         Emma Dyga’s deep SaaS expertise makes her the ideal leader to expand ABAX’s platform and solutions portfolio to capture this growing opportunity.

·         Outgoing CEO Morten Strand’s move to Vice Chairman allows him to focus wholly on expansion through M&A and strategic alliances.

·         Dyga plans to move swiftly to cement ABAX’s leadership status worldwide, aggressively targeting new regions, customers and industries.

·         Investments in ABAX’s software platform and data capabilities will likely be a priority to widen the company’s competitive positioning.

·         Forging global partnerships will help amplify ABAX’s reach and accelerate recurring revenue growth through joint offerings.

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