Chief economist Wang Delun will be a guest on Weimiao’s live broadcast to share the path of wealth growth against the trend

The new crown epidemic has brought unprecedented shocks and challenges to the world economy. Almost all countries except China have suffered severe economic trauma, and many countries are even facing severe economic development situations. Today, China’s economy has continued to recover steadily, showing a trend of stabilization and improvement. Under the epidemic, the Chinese economy has grown against the trend, and the Chinese economy has impressed the world.


At the moment, as my country’s economy is stabilizing and strengthening, we have also come to a good era of equity investment. Regardless of the fundamentals, liquidity, or risk level, they have constituted sufficient support for the capital market. So, for financial consumers, what follows is how to scientifically allocate personal assets, how to adjust wealth allocation strategies, how to discover new value growth points, how to maintain and increase wealth, and how to make wealth in the upcoming 2022 A series of investment questions such as achieving growth against the trend in the year.


At 20 o’clock on November 4th, Wei Miao Master Live invited Wang Delun, chief economist of China Industrial Securities Asset Management, to be a guest in the live interview of Wei Miao Masters, to conduct in-depth exchanges on recent investors’ concerns and explain the market trend for investors. And sector investment opportunities, make suggestions on market outlook operation in response to investors’ questions, and share the path of wealth growth against the trend, so stay tuned!


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