Indutrade AB Issues Two Senior Unsecured Bonds Worth SEK 1,000 Million

Indutrade AB, a leading company, has announced the issuance of two senior unsecured bonds worth a total of SEK 1,000 million. The bonds come with a tenor of 5 years each and are expected to create a significant impact in the market.

Floating and Fixed-Rate Bonds

The first bond, worth SEK 800 million, carries a floating rate, while the second bond, worth SEK 200 million, carries a fixed rate. The bonds were issued at a margin of 1.90% against three months STIBOR and the interpolated mid-swap rate, respectively.

Strong Investor Demand

The bond issuance has generated strong investor demand, as the market eagerly awaits the impact that these bonds will have. The funds raised from the bonds will be used to refinance existing loans and for general corporate purposes, including acquisitions.

Listing on Nasdaq Stockholm

Indutrade will apply for the new bonds to be listed on Nasdaq Stockholm’s Corporate Bond List, making them easily accessible to a wider audience. This move is expected to create even more interest in the bonds.

Financial Advisors

Handelsbanken and Nordea acted as financial advisors in connection with the new bond issue, providing expert guidance and support throughout the process.

Indutrade AB’s bond issuance is a significant event in the market and is expected to create a positive impact in the coming years. With strong investor demand, a listing on Nasdaq Stockholm, and expert financial advisors, the bonds are poised for success.

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