Belatra Games Launches New Online Slots Title Full Moon Magic

Tapping into Lunar Magic: Belatra Games Launches New Online Slots Title Full Moon Magic

Harnessing the Power of the Moon

Bustling into the online slots scene is Belatra Games’ newest release, Full Moon Magic. This lunar-inspired title packs bright graphics and bonus features galore, allowing players to tap into the mystical energy of the moon for chances at big wins.

Journey Through 10 Games

The core of Full Moon Magic is its 10-game series, with each stage building up the Moon Bar. Every moon symbol that lands generates a blue-edged Moon Frame that remains fixed until the 10th game. All Moon Frames then turn into Wilds that can substitute for other symbols like the princess, pan pipes, cactus, and more to create winning combinations.

Escalating Multipliers

The first Moon Frame always starts with a 1x multiplier. But each new one doubles the multiplier, so the potential payouts escalate rapidly. When the 10th game hits, all accumulated Moon Frame Wilds pay out based on their multipliers before resetting for the next set of 10 spins.

Free Games and Buy Bonus

Three Wolf Scatters activate 10 Free Games utilizing the rules of the 10th game stage. Existing Moon Frames carry over and new ones boost multipliers further. Players can also use the Buy Bonus to begin the bonus round at their chosen time.

Major Winning Potential

With its engaging mechanics and bonus features, Full Moon Magic offers significant winning potential. Multiple Moon Frame Wilds on a payline combine their multipliers for possibly enormous payouts.

Optimized for Entertainment

Belatra Games optimized Full Moon Magic for an entertaining experience, with Deputy Director Sergey Chernyavski stating: “Full Moon Magic is packed with bright graphics, engaging mechanics and bonus features that can land a fortune. The moon is said to be Earth’s most constant companion and we expect players to form a lasting bond with this title.”


What is the theme of Full Moon Magic?

Full Moon Magic has a lunar theme, with graphics featuring the moon, wolves, and Native American elements like princesses and headdresses.

What triggers the bonus features?

The Moon Frames are generated by moon symbols during the 10-game series. The Free Games are activated by getting 3 Wolf Scatters.

How many games are in the main series?

There are 10 games in the main series that builds up the Moon Bar and Moon Frames.

What is the Buy Bonus?

The Buy Bonus lets players choose when to start the bonus round instead of having to wait for triggers.

Can Moon Frame multipliers be combined?

Yes, if multiple Moon Frame Wilds land on a winning payline, their multipliers are combined for huge potential payouts.

Key Stats

Developer Belatra Games
Release Date August 2023
Game Series Length 10 Games
Starting Free Games 10
Special Features Moon Frames, Buy Bonus

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