Peter Nørrelund Returns to Viaplay Group as EVP and Chief Sports Officer, Driving Growth and Innovation

Reunion at Viaplay Group as Peter Nørrelund Takes Charge of Sports Operations


In an exciting development, Viaplay Group announced today that Peter Nørrelund has rejoined the company as the EVP and Chief Sports & Sports Business Development Officer. With an illustrious career spanning over 20 years at Viaplay Group, Peter is set to bring his expertise and leadership to drive growth and innovation in the sports division. Under his guidance, the company aims to capitalize on its sports content and enhance revenue streams, ensuring Viaplay Group remains at the forefront of the industry.


A Highly Anticipated Appointment with Far-Reaching Implications


Peter Nørrelund’s appointment as EVP and Chief Sports Officer is expected to have far-reaching implications for Viaplay Group and the sports industry as a whole. As a widely respected figure in the field, Peter’s return signifies the company’s commitment to maintaining its position as a leader in sports content and rights management. With his exceptional network and in-depth knowledge, Peter is poised to drive business growth, strengthen revenue streams, and unleash the full potential of Viaplay Group’s extensive rights portfolio.


A Strategic Focus on Sports Business Development


Under Peter Nørrelund’s leadership, Viaplay Group will establish a dedicated cross-market sports business development unit. This strategic move aims to maximize revenue and identify new product opportunities across the Group’s sports content. By leveraging the collective expertise and market insights, this unit will play a pivotal role in expanding Viaplay Group’s presence and ensuring optimal returns on sports investments.


Acknowledging a Stellar Legacy and Welcoming New Opportunities


With Peter Nørrelund’s return, Cecilia Gave, former Viaplay Group EVP and Head of Sports, will be bidding farewell to the company. Cecilia’s contributions, dedication, and expertise have been invaluable over the years, and her departure marks the end of an era. Viaplay Group extends its gratitude to Cecilia for her remarkable service and wishes her success in her future endeavors.


Visionary Leadership Ensures a Promising Future


Jørgen Madsen Lindemann, Viaplay Group President and CEO, expressed his excitement over Peter Nørrelund’s return, emphasizing the significant impact Peter’s extensive network, knowledge, and experience will have on the company’s future. With their long-standing professional relationship, Jørgen is confident that Viaplay Group will thrive under Peter’s guidance. Not only will Peter oversee the leading sports production team in Europe, but he will also play a crucial role in maximizing returns on sports investments, solidifying Viaplay Group’s position as an industry leader.


Peter Nørrelund’s Bold Vision for Viaplay Group


Peter Nørrelund himself expressed his enthusiasm for the new role, describing the opportunity as too good to pass up. As he steps into his position as EVP and Chief Sports & Sports Business Development Officer, Peter is focused on improving existing revenue streams while creating new ones. With his determination and energy, he believes there are great opportunities on the horizon for Viaplay Group. Leveraging the company’s rights portfolio, which is considered the best in the industry, Peter aims to drive business growth and unlock the full potential of Viaplay Group’s sports content.


The Future Unfolds, Guided by Experience and Innovation


As Peter Nørrelund takes the reins at Viaplay Group, he brings with him an unwavering commitment to harnessing the power of sports content to drive business success. With an eye on the future and a deep respect for the company’s rich history, Peter’s return marks a promising new chapter for Viaplay Group. As they navigate the dynamic landscape of the sports industry, the company remains dedicated to pursuing excellence, embracing innovation, and delivering the best to its audience, all under the visionary leadership of Peter Nørrelund.


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