Realheart Appoints Ulf Kjellman as Chief Medical Officer

Realheart, a medical device company specializing in artificial hearts, has appointed Ulf Kjellman as its new Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Kjellman, who recently joined Realheart’s medical advisory board, brings over 35 years of experience in cardiac and thoracic surgery to the role.


A Leader in Advanced Cardiac Surgery

Kjellman has extensive experience in initiating and developing programs for heart transplantation and heart pump treatments at several hospitals, both in Sweden and other countries. He was one of the first to implant both HeartMate 2 and HeartMate 3, after CE marking, and was also the cardiac surgeon who performed the first implantation of the SynCardia artificial heart in Sweden and Scandinavia in 2008. Kjellman has published several scientific articles on cardiovascular diseases in general and on heart pumps specifically.


Clinically Responsible for Preclinical and Clinical Studies

As Realheart’s CMO, Kjellman will be clinically responsible for the company’s preclinical and clinical studies. His extensive experience and professional network will be critical in helping Realheart navigate the complex regulatory environment for medical devices and in establishing partnerships with potential customers, suppliers, and partners in Sweden, Europe, and the Middle East.


An Exciting Concept with the Potential to Save Lives

Kjellman is excited about the opportunity to join Realheart as its CMO. Realheart’s Total Artificial Heart (TAH) is an extremely interesting concept and a paradigm shift in artificial hearts, he said. As a product, it fills a gap in the care of heart failure patients with the potential to save tens of thousands of lives within a decade.


Realheart’s CEO, Ina Laura Perkins, echoed Kjellman’s sentiment, stating that they are extremely happy and proud that Kjellman has chosen to step into the role of CMO. She added that his extensive experience in cardiac surgery and transplantation will be of great importance for their future clinical trials when patients will receive RealheartĀ® TAH.



Realheart’s appointment of Ulf Kjellman as its new Chief Medical Officer is a significant development for the company. Kjellman’s leadership skills and extensive experience make him the right person to oversee the company’s preclinical and clinical studies. Realheart’s TAH is an exciting concept with the potential to save lives, and Kjellman’s expertise will be critical in bringing it to market.

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