Vianode Selected as Norwegian Candidate for EU IPCEI Grant for Sustainable Battery Materials

Norwegian company Vianode has been selected as one of the five candidates from Norway for the European Union’s Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) grant. The grant is aimed at promoting investments in Europe to strengthen the continent’s competitiveness in the long term. Vianode’s selection was made following the Norwegian government’s and Minister of Trade and Industry Jan Christian Vestre’s decision to enroll Norway in IPCEI EuBatIn.

Building Industry Leadership in Advanced Battery Materials

Vianode specializes in producing sustainable anode materials with significantly lower emissions than conventional production. The company aims to build industrial leadership in advanced battery materials, but to succeed, it depends on competitive framework conditions. The Norwegian government’s decision to participate in IPCEI EUBatIn is a major step in the right direction for Vianode.

What is IPCEI?

IPCEI is an abbreviation for “Important Project of Common European Interest.” It refers to innovative projects in selected industrial areas that require coordinated cross-border efforts. IPCEI projects are financial grants that promote investments in Europe to strengthen the continent’s competitiveness in the long term.

European Value Chains Need Access to Raw Materials

According to Asbjørn Søvik, Vianode’s interim CEO and executive chair of the board, “European value chains need access to raw materials, and Vianode targets to play a key role in the sustainable production of battery materials for the green transition.” The company’s materials have unique performance characteristics that improve battery properties, including faster charging, increased range, long service life, increased safety, and recyclability.

Investing in the Future of Sustainable Battery Materials

Vianode’s industrial pilot has been operational in Kristiansand, Norway, for close to two years, and the company is investing NOK 2 billion in a first-phase industrial plant at Herøya, Norway. These initiatives are part of a larger investment plan to establish industrial-scale production of battery materials in Norway for the European market.

Unlocking a Potential Significant IPCEI Grant Award

Stian Madshus, Deputy CEO and Head of Development at Vianode, says, “This IPCEI project from the EU is important to build European value chains. We appreciate being a candidate and look forward to continuing the process with the Norwegian government and Innovation Norway to unlock a potential significant IPCEI grant award.”


Vianode’s selection as one of the five Norwegian candidates for the EU IPCEI grant is a significant milestone for the company and Norway’s battery materials industry. The grant will help Vianode continue to build industry leadership in advanced battery materials and contribute to the green transition. The Norwegian government’s decision to enroll Norway in IPCEI EuBatIn is a step in the right direction for Norway’s competitiveness in the long term.


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