Thunderful Group Unveils SteamWorld Build: A Robotic Adventure Awaits

SteamWorld Build, the latest addition to the award-winning SteamWorld franchise, has been announced by Thunderful Group. This exciting new game promises to bring a steam-driven western mining town to life and is set to be released on all consoles and PC later this year.

Strong Announcement:

According to Brjánn Sigurgeirsson, SteamWorld Universe and Franchise Director at Thunderful Games, this is their strongest announcement to date. The metrics are impressive and SteamWorld Build is expected to live up to the commercial and critical success of previous titles in the franchise.

Join The Roster:

SteamWorld Build joins a group of highly anticipated games already announced by Thunderful, including the mind-bending Viewfinder, the sci-fi action platformer Replaced, and the cinematic puzzle game Planet of Lana. These games have created great interest and expectations among press and gamers alike.

Hard Work Pays Off:

Anders Maiqvist, Acting CEO of Thunderful Group, credits the hard work and collective effort of the marketing, production, and development teams for the increased interest in their games. With the release of SteamWorld Build later this year, the expectations are high, and Thunderful Group is ready to deliver.


SteamWorld Build promises to be an exciting new addition to the award-winning SteamWorld franchise. With its unique steam-driven western mining town setting, the game is set to be released on all consoles and PC later this year. The interest and expectations are high, and Thunderful Group is ready to deliver a truly engaging and memorable gaming experience.

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