Medius Appoints New GM for AP Automation Solution MediusGo

Medius, a renowned provider of accounts payable (AP) automation and spend management solutions, recently announced the appointment of Mattias Laurentz Johansson as the General Manager (GM) for MediusGo. This announcement highlights the company’s commitment to provide innovative solutions to small to medium sized businesses in the Nordic region.


Mattias will be responsible for leading and defining the strategic vision of MediusGo, a secure and cutting-edge AP software application. He will oversee the growth of the platform and expansion in the Nordic market to help customers achieve greater automation.

Experienced Leader

With over 12 years of experience at Medius, Mattias has held senior positions, including Senior Vice President for Customer Success. He has led teams across Europe and North America, and has a solid track record in change management and data-driven decision-making.

CEO’s Comments

Jim Lucier, CEO of Medius, expressed his excitement about Mattias’ appointment, stating that he has the skills, knowledge, and charisma to lead MediusGo to success. Lucier added that he is looking forward to working with Mattias as he implements his vision for the platform as part of Medius’ overall ambitions.

Mattias’ Perspective

Mattias Laurentz Johansson, General Manager of MediusGo, said that companies are under more pressure than ever to control and optimize their spend, particularly for small and medium sized businesses. He is eager to bring his experience to MediusGo and continue building a strong foundation for growth as the platform expands in the Nordic market.

In conclusion, MediusGo is poised for continued success under the leadership of Mattias Laurentz Johansson, who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the GM role. The appointment is a testament to Medius’ commitment to provide innovative and secure AP automation solutions to small and medium sized businesses in the Nordic region.

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