Konftel Aims Higher To Solve Ceiling Mount Challenge For Greater Room Lay Out Flexibility

Collaboration endpoint specialist Konftel is creating greater installation flexibility with the development of an innovative speakerphone ceiling mount kit that promotes a neater and more natural meeting room experience.

Specifically designed for its flagship Konftel 800 device, the new development provides an alternative to traditional desktop placement. It addresses growing market demand for smarter and more flexible room configurations, especially for education and training purposes.

The special kit includes a dedicated bracket and ceiling mount plate – and is compatible with tripod mounting systems.

Room flexibility

Konftel Product Manager, Torbjörn Karlsson, says the kit can dramatically improve room flexibility by providing cable and device-free desk configurations – as well as encouraging more natural meeting behaviour.

“The Konftel Ceiling Mount Kit ensures seating can quickly and easily be rearranged which is perfect for hybrid lectures or corporate presentations. The overall experience can be further enhanced by connecting two other devices via daisy chain for extended pick-up in larger areas.”

He emphasized: “In addition, by placing the Konftel 800 in the air this encourages users to stop looking at the speakerphone when talking. When the device is placed in the ceiling people will tend to forget about it and speak naturally in the direction they want, such as towards the screen when addressing a remote participant.”

Lecture mode

In a further boost Konftel is developing a new ‘lecture mode’ function (via a free software upgrade) that will enable wireless connectivity between tested and approved headset models and the Konftel 800. This feature is due to be available from September and is also particularly useful for both training and education presentations, according to Karlsson.

“When a teacher or presenter is talking via their headset, all room participants are automatically muted from the Konftel 800’s microphones. Once the person is silent, the Konftel 800 mics open again,” he explained. “So wherever the teacher is located, perhaps facing a whiteboard, they can still be heard clearly by all remote participants.”

Reach further

Further complementing Konftel’s room flexibility ethos is the launch of the Konftel Reach USB 5+15. This comprises two active optical cables that provide more installation opportunities when users bring their own laptop to a meeting room to start a video call.

Karlsson added: “They are used to replace USB cables connected between the Konftel OCC Hub, the Konftel conference camera and a user’s laptop. Konftel Reach enables longer distances between the parts in the ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’ video solution and neater, hidden cable routing in the meeting room. It is another welcome addition to our evolving product portfolio.”

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