Iiris Pohjanpalo Appointed CFO and Board Member of Wulff Group Plc, Bringing Expertise in Financial Management and Sustainability

A Dynamic Addition to Wulff Group Plc

In a strategic move set to bolster their financial management and operational growth, Wulff Group Plc has announced the appointment of Iiris Pohjanpalo as their new CFO and a member of the Group Executive Board. The appointment, effective August 21, 2023, will see Pohjanpalo take charge of overseeing the company’s financial management and financing, reporting directly to the Group CEO, Elina Rahkonen. With her impressive background in financial and change management, mergers and acquisitions, and sustainability across diverse industries, Pohjanpalo is poised to bring a fresh perspective to Wulff Group’s future endeavors.

An Experienced Leader with a Vision

Having earned her M.Sc. in Economics, Pohjanpalo brings a wealth of expertise and experience to her new role. Her previous work in logistics, healthcare, and event services, along with her in-depth knowledge of financial management and integration, make her well-equipped to lead Wulff Group Plc towards sustainable growth. Pohjanpalo’s vision aligns seamlessly with Wulff’s dedication to developing more sustainable operations and product offerings, a core value she highly values within the company.

Restructuring for Better Alignment

The Group Executive Board of Wulff Group Plc is undergoing significant changes. Sami Hokkanen from Wulff Entre Oy and Veijo Ågerfalk from Wulff Beltton AB will step down from the Executive Board. The restructuring aims to foster better alignment between the group’s businesses, particularly in terms of sales and profitability. This evolution in the board’s composition will ensure a seamless integration of ideas and expertise to drive the company forward.

Introducing the New Executive Board

Effective August 21, 2023, the Wulff Group’s Executive Board will comprise four key members. Elina Rahkonen will continue to serve as Group CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board, leading the overall strategic direction. Trond Fikseaunet, the Managing Director of Wulff Supplies AB, will bring his extensive experience to the table. Iiris Pohjanpalo’s appointment as CFO will complement the board with her financial acumen, while Tarja Törmänen, the Communications and Marketing Director, will contribute her skills in promoting the company’s image and values.


Who is Iiris Pohjanpalo, and what qualifies her for the CFO role at Wulff Group Plc?

Iiris Pohjanpalo is an experienced professional with a Master’s degree in Economics. She has a strong background in financial and change management, mergers and acquisitions, and sustainability across various industries, including logistics, healthcare, and event services. Her expertise and vision make her an ideal fit for overseeing Wulff Group’s financial management and operational growth.

What changes are happening in the Wulff Group Plc’s Executive Board?

The Wulff Group’s Executive Board is undergoing restructuring to better align with the evolving relationships between the group’s businesses, primarily focusing on sales and profitability. Sami Hokkanen and Veijo Ågerfalk will step down from the board, while the new board will comprise four key members, including Iiris Pohjanpalo as the CFO.

How will Iiris Pohjanpalo’s appointment impact Wulff Group’s sustainability efforts?

As someone who values sustainability and the continuous development of more sustainable operations and product offerings, Pohjanpalo’s appointment is expected to reinforce and drive Wulff Group’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices.

What is the timeline for Iiris Pohjanpalo’s new role as CFO at Wulff Group Plc?

Iiris Pohjanpalo will assume her position as the CFO of Wulff Group Plc and join the Group Executive Board on August 21, 2023, marking the beginning of her crucial contributions to the company’s financial management and growth.

How will the restructuring of the Executive Board benefit Wulff Group Plc’s overall strategy?

The board restructuring aims to foster better alignment between the group’s businesses, ensuring a more cohesive approach to sales and profitability. With a diverse set of expertise, the new board members will collaborate to drive Wulff Group Plc towards its strategic goals effectively.

Key Stats

Role Name Effective Date
Group CEO Elina Rahkonen N/A
Managing Director Trond Fikseaunet N/A
Group CFO Iiris Pohjanpalo August 21, 2023
Communications and Marketing Director Tarja Törmänen N/A


Wulff Group Plc’s latest appointments and board restructuring mark a significant step towards a more robust and sustainable future. With Iiris Pohjanpalo as the new CFO, the company is poised to elevate its financial management and drive growth in alignment with its core values. As Wulff Group continues its journey towards excellence, the collective expertise of the Executive Board is set to propel the company to new heights of success.

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