Excillum and VCbattery Unveil High-Speed 3D CT Inline Technology: Revolutionizing EV Battery Inspection

Excillum, a leading X-ray technology company, and VCbattery, a renowned provider of battery solutions, have partnered to launch an innovative demonstrator system for high-speed 3D CT inline inspection of electric vehicle (EV) battery cells. This revolutionary collaboration aims to redefine the way defects are detected and addressed, ultimately making EV batteries safer and more cost-effective. By leveraging the MetalJet X-ray technology, the demonstrator system showcases unprecedented speed, performance, and cost efficiency, setting new industry standards for inline battery inspection.


Enhancing EV Battery Cell Production Efficiency:

With the introduction of this groundbreaking system, the speed, performance, and cost effectiveness of EV battery cell production are expected to witness a significant boost. Manufacturers can now achieve high-throughput inline battery inspection, paving the way for streamlined quality control processes and improved overall production efficiency. This technological leap is set to redefine the landscape of EV battery manufacturing, ensuring the delivery of reliable and high-quality battery cells.


Unveiling the Demonstrator System:

The demonstrator system, situated in Stockelsdorf, Germany, represents the culmination of Excillum and VCbattery’s expertise and collaborative efforts. It serves as a platform to showcase and commercialize the next generation of inline 3D CT inspection systems for EV battery production. By pushing the boundaries of X-ray inspection capabilities, this system promises to provide battery cell manufacturers with tangible evidence of the benefits of high-throughput inline battery inspection.


Accelerating Inspection Throughput:

Guido Erbach, VCbattery’s spokesperson, emphasizes the demonstrator system’s capacity to revolutionize inspection throughput. Through a full rotational CT scan, an EV battery cell can now be inspected within a single second, enabling inspection throughput of tens of thousands of cells per day per system. This remarkable feat not only enhances productivity but also contributes to significant cost reductions for EV battery cell manufacturers.


Comprehensive Quality Control:

Quality control is a critical aspect of EV battery cell production, and Excillum’s solution aims to address this challenge effectively. By utilizing the advanced capabilities of the demonstrator system, manufacturers can not only decrease the cost per scan but also gather comprehensive quality control data. This invaluable information empowers manufacturers to identify defects and root causes promptly, ensuring the delivery of high-performance and reliable battery cells.


The Power of MetalJet X-ray Technology:

The MetalJet X-ray technology lies at the heart of the groundbreaking demonstrator system. Its unique capabilities enable fast and precise inspection of EV battery cells, providing manufacturers with a powerful tool to enhance quality control and production efficiency. By harnessing the potential of MetalJet X-ray, Excillum and VCbattery are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of X-ray inspection.


Redefining Industry Standards:

Excillum and VCbattery’s collaboration represents a significant milestone in the EV battery manufacturing sector. The introduction of high-speed 3D CT inline inspection technology revolutionizes the way defects are detected, contributing to safer EV batteries and more cost-effective production processes. This groundbreaking advancement is poised to redefine industry standards and propel the growth of electric vehicles worldwide.


Streamlining EV Battery Cell Production:

The demonstrator system’s ability to achieve high-throughput inline battery inspection has far-reaching implications for EV battery cell production. Manufacturers can now expedite the inspection process, enabling efficient quality control at scale. This streamlined approach to production helps meet the growing demand for EVs while maintaining stringent quality standards.


Realizing Cost Efficiency:

One of the significant advantages offered by the high-speed 3D CT inline inspection technology is its potential to reduce costs for EV battery cell manufacturers. By optimizing the inspection process and collecting comprehensive quality control data, manufacturers can identify and address defects early, minimizing rework and improving overall production efficiency. This cost-effective approach contributes to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.


Advancing EV Battery Safety:

Enhancing the safety of EV batteries is a top priority, and the high-speed 3D CT inline inspection system plays a crucial role in achieving this objective. By swiftly identifying defects and root causes, manufacturers can take proactive measures to ensure the integrity and reliability of battery cells. This groundbreaking technology marks a significant step forward in making electric vehicles safer for consumers and driving the global transition to sustainable transportation.




How does the high-speed 3D CT inline inspection system revolutionize EV battery cell production?

The system enables high-throughput inline battery inspection, significantly improving speed, performance, and cost effectiveness. It streamlines quality control processes, enhances production efficiency, and contributes to safer EV batteries.


What is the key advantage of the MetalJet X-ray technology used in the demonstrator system?

The MetalJet X-ray technology offers fast and precise inspection capabilities, allowing manufacturers to detect defects in EV battery cells quickly. It empowers them to collect comprehensive quality control data, enabling prompt identification of defects and root causes.


How does the demonstrator system impact inspection throughput?

With a full rotational CT scan completed in just one second, the demonstrator system achieves remarkable inspection throughput. Manufacturers can inspect tens of thousands of cells per day per system, facilitating faster production cycles and increased productivity.


What are the cost benefits for EV battery cell manufacturers using this technology?

The high-speed 3D CT inline inspection system reduces costs by optimizing the inspection process and providing comprehensive quality control data. Early defect detection minimizes rework, leading to improved production efficiency and cost savings.


How does the system contribute to EV battery safety?

By swiftly identifying defects and root causes, the system helps manufacturers ensure the safety and reliability of EV battery cells. Early detection enables proactive measures to mitigate potential risks and deliver high-performance battery cells to consumers.




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