RaySearch Laboratories’ CFO Henrik Bergentoft Steps Down; Annika Blondeau Henriksson Takes Charge as Interim CFO

A New Chapter for RaySearch


Recently, RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) experienced a significant change in its upper management. The company’s CFO, Henrik Bergentoft, announced his departure from his role to explore new challenges. Leaving behind a legacy of effective financial management, Bergentoft’s resignation marks a new chapter in the history of this industry-leading enterprise.


Bergentoft’s Tenure


Over his term, Bergentoft proved himself a diligent figure, guiding RaySearch through countless financial intricacies with acumen and foresight. While he departs, his influence remains etched in the fabric of RaySearch’s operational excellence. Johan Löf, RaySearch’s founder and CEO, lauded Bergentoft for his notable contributions despite his relatively short tenure.


Interim Leadership


Now, the mantle of CFO temporarily rests on the capable shoulders of Annika Blondeau Henriksson. An industry veteran, she will serve as the interim CFO while continuing to be a part of the senior management team. Her leadership will be instrumental as RaySearch navigates this transition.


Search for the Successor


The search for a new CFO is already underway. The company seeks a candidate possessing the expertise and vision to fill the vacuum left by Bergentoft’s departure. In the meantime, Henriksson will keep the ship steady, ensuring the financial department’s capacity remains undiminished.


Bergentoft’s Goodbyes


Expressing his sentiments, Bergentoft wished RaySearch good luck and success in its mission against cancer. He pledged to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities to Henriksson.


CEO’s Assurance


CEO Johan Löf commended Bergentoft’s efforts and wished him luck in his future endeavors. He expressed confidence in Henriksson’s capabilities to handle the interim role effectively, ensuring seamless financial operations during the recruitment process.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Henrik Bergentoft leaving RaySearch Laboratories?

Henrik Bergentoft has decided to leave his position as CFO of RaySearch Laboratories for new, undisclosed challenges.


Who will take over after Bergentoft’s departure?

Annika Blondeau Henriksson has been appointed the interim CFO of RaySearch Laboratories and will manage the role until a permanent CFO is recruited.


How will Bergentoft’s departure affect the company?

The company will initiate a recruitment process for a new CFO immediately. In the meantime, Annika Blondeau Henriksson will ensure that the company’s financial operations continue without disruption.


What is Bergentoft’s parting message?

Bergentoft expressed his wishes for RaySearch’s continued success in its mission against cancer and committed to an orderly handover to Annika Blondeau Henriksson.


What is the company’s viewpoint on this change?

Johan Löf, founder and CEO of RaySearch, appreciated Bergentoft’s contributions and expressed confidence in Annika Blondeau Henriksson’s capacity to handle the role of interim CFO effectively.


Table of Key Stats:


Departing CFO: Henrik Bergentoft

Interim CFO: Annika Blondeau Henriksson

CEO: Johan Löf

Company: RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ)


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