Agria Petinsure Takes on the Irish Market with Mission to Increase Pet Insurance

Agria Petinsure, the rebranded version of Petinsure, has officially entered the Irish market with a clear mission to raise the pet insurance rate in the country. Bernard O´Sullivan, CEO at Agria Petinsure Ireland, which has its headquarters in Cork, stated that the overall aim is to improve pet welfare and bring peace of mind to pet owners.

Second Largest Pet Insurer in Europe

Agria is the second largest pet insurer in Europe, with over 130 years of experience in insuring pets. In February 2022, the Swedish-based pet insurance company Agria Djurförsäkring acquired the Irish company Capstone Financial Services Limited, which traded as Petinsure, and rebranded it to Agria Petinsure. The company now operates in nine European markets and aims to further increase insurance coverage for dogs and cats.

Low Pet Insurance Rate in Ireland

Despite the high number of pets in Ireland, the insurance rate for dogs is only about 10% to 15%, while the rate for cats is just about 5%. In comparison, it is estimated that 90% of dogs and 50% of cats in Sweden have pet insurance. Agria Petinsure believes that every Irish pet and their owner should have access to the same safety and peace of mind if their pet needs medical treatment.

Comprehensive Care for Pets and Owners

According to CEO Bernard O’Sullivan, extended treatments or major surgeries can be financially burdensome for pet owners. A pet insurance policy is the best way to ensure that pets receive necessary medical care, including in an emergency. Agria Petinsure also has plans to work closely with animal welfare organizations, vets, and breeders in Ireland to provide the most comprehensive care for pets and their owners.

Gradual Increase in Pet Insurance Uptake

Agria Petinsure knows from experience in other European countries that pet insurance uptake usually increases gradually after entering a new market. The company is striving for the same result in the Irish market and aims to increase pet owners’ understanding of the importance of insuring their pets.


Agria Petinsure, the second largest pet insurer in Europe, is entering the Irish market with a mission to raise the pet insurance rate in the country. The company aims to improve pet welfare, bring peace of mind to pet owners, and provide the most comprehensive care for pets and their owners in Ireland.

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