King Charles pledges lifelong service to country and nation

In his address to the nation the day after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, British King Charles pledged a lifetime of service to the United Kingdom and other countries under his dominion, saying, “Just as the Queen herself has done it with unwavering devotion.” I also now solemnly pledge to myself that throughout the remaining time that God has allotted to me, I will uphold constitutional principles at the heart of our country.

“And wherever you live in the UK or in different regions and territories around the world, whatever your background or religious beliefs, I will strive to serve you with loyalty, respect and love throughout my life.”

Charles began and ended his speech by paying tribute to his mother. In this time of bereavement, her voice is openly emotional for the family.

His speech also included the announcement that Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton will now be the Prince of Wales and Princess of Wales. Charles also expressed his love for Prince Harry and Meghan, who started life abroad.

But the most poignant thing he says is about the two women at the center of his life. One is his mother Queen Elizabeth and the other is his wife Camilla.

“It is with a deep sense of sadness that I speak to you today,” Charles said at the start of his speech.

Remembering the mother, he said, “Majesty Rani, my beloved mother was an inspiration and example to me and the entire family throughout her life. We are indebted to him for all his love, affection, guidance, understanding.”

Charles said he was renewing that promise by reminding his mother Queen Elizabeth II of her promise to serve him for life. With a clear message, he said, this throne will be a promise for him throughout his life, which will be to serve, not to rule.

Charles said, “I honor Mom’s memory and her lifetime of service. I know his death has brought deep sorrow to many of you. I share this sense of loss with all of you.”

“We will come together as a nation, as a commonwealth and above all as a world community to lay my dear mother to her last bed,” he said of her mother’s funeral ahead.

“In our time of sorrow, let us remember him and draw strength among ourselves in the light of the example he set.”

Charles ended his speech by thanking his mother. “Dear mother, I just want to say this to my late father as you begin your final journey: thank you,” he said.

“Thank you for your love and sacrifice for our family and the families of several nations. All of whom you have served with care over the years.”

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