SKF Expands Horizons: A New Chapter in Magnetic Bearings Begins in Tangier

SKF’s Bold Move: Investment in Tangier


Setting a new precedent in the field of technology, SKF has announced a significant investment in Tangier, Morocco. A staggering SEK 50 million has been committed to amplify the company’s technical and manufacturing capabilities within magnetic bearings.


A Quantum Leap: The New Manufacturing Site


Boosting local economies and generating employment, the new manufacturing site promises to be a beacon of innovation. Operations are set to commence in the second quarter, and once fully functional, the site will catalyze the production of magnetic bearings.


Emerging Demand: The Versatility of Magnetic Bearings


Notably, magnetic bearings have found a range of applications across various industries. From turbomachinery to high-speed applications such as hydrogen gas liquification and oil-free industrial compressors, these bearings are reshaping the technology landscape. The new site is projected to cater to this growing demand.


Expert Opinion: Thomas Fröst on SKF’s Vision


Thomas Fröst, President, Independent & Emerging Business at SKF, shared his insights on this groundbreaking initiative. He highlighted the integral role magnetic bearings have played in traditional energy sectors and how the technology is now steering green industries.


SKF’s Commitment to Green Technology


As per Fröst, SKF is dedicated to maintaining its leading position in technical development and customer service. The establishment of the new site in Morocco is an instrumental step in this direction, reinforcing SKF’s commitment to environmental sustainability.


Record Performance: A Look at SKF’s Growth Trajectory


In a testament to its growth, SKF recorded an impressive order intake of over SEK 1 billion for magnetic bearings in 2022. The Group has identified magnetic bearings as one of its technology growth areas, and the recent investment aligns with this strategic focus.


Conclusion: A Significant Leap Forward


In conclusion, SKF’s recent investment in Tangier, Morocco, is a significant stride in the right direction. The new manufacturing site will not only meet the burgeoning demand for magnetic bearings but will also position SKF at the forefront of green technology. The initiative exemplifies SKF’s commitment to innovation, customer service, and environmental sustainability. This investment is a clear signal of SKF’s intent to lead the charge in the future of the magnetic bearings industry.

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