In 2004, the Xiaodao electric car was founded in a small factory in Tianjin. At that time, there were many mature and well-known brands in the electric car industry. As a newcomer in the electric car industry, the Xiaodao electric car’s popularity needs to be improved. In 2020, the Xiaodao electric car was strongly selected as a CCTV “Big Country Brand” enterprise, representing the image of a Chinese national brand. In the past 18 years, Xiaodao electric bicycles have been making products down-to-earth with heart and soul, demonstrating the rise of a brand in the pursuit of quality.

In 2008, the Xiaodao electric scooter was exported to Vietnam, Germany and other countries, and the brand successfully opened the international market; in 2013, the Xiaodao electric scooter signed the international superstar Li Bingbing, and the brand structure was fully upgraded; in 2017, the Xiaodao electric scooter sponsored the 23rd Asian Table Tennis Championship (women’s team) to further demonstrate the strength of the brand.

2019 is a year worthy of being included in the history of the small knife electric car. It achieved a strong growth of 87%, with an annual production and sales of nearly 3 million, and it has gained a super-high brand appeal. In the same year, the Xiaodao electric vehicle successively won the honorary titles such as “Strategic Partner of China Quality Miles Journey”, “Selected Brand Enterprise of 2019 China Brand Day”, “70 Years Daqing Military Parade Logistics Support Vehicle” and other honorary titles.

In 2020, the small knife electric car brand will have a deep explosion, and the four-star endorsement model will continue to be strong, further deepening the brand’s influence and appeal. At the same time, Xiaodao Electric Vehicle was successfully selected as a CCTV “Brand of Great Power” enterprise, and its brand influence has risen to a new height, becoming an excellent member of the strategic combination of brand power, and shouldering the important task of displaying the national brand image and national brand innovation.

The brand’s popularity, influence and appeal cannot be separated from excellent product quality and high-quality products and services. Only by combining the two can they gain the trust of consumers and establish a good reputation in the hearts of consumers. Over the years, Xiaodao electric vehicles have focused on the core technology of R&D products and created more than 200 invention patents, laying a solid foundation for high quality with technology. Every small knife electric car that leaves the factory has gone through tens of thousands of tempers, and it is full of the ingenuity and rigor of the “only good car” of the small knife person.

In order to ensure product quality, the small knife electric vehicle has built dozens of fully automated production lines with international standards, equipped with a variety of advanced testing equipment such as motorcycle road testers, motor testers, dual-vibration fork fatigue testers, etc. Each vehicle undergoes a vehicle performance test. In addition, while focusing on product quality, Xiaodao Electric Vehicles has also established an after-sales service system that gives consumers peace of mind and provides consumers with high-quality services. The butler service attitude and the “shop-small second” service spirit allow consumers to feel the strength of the small knife electric car as a major country brand and the sincerity of the supremacy of consumers. As an influential brand from a major country, Xiaodao Electric Vehicles always remembers its brand mission, manufactures high-quality cars, promotes the healthy development of the industry, and brings high-performance cars to consumers, and at the same time actively assumes the responsibility to the society and the nation.  Last year, the Xiaodao electric car unveiled its original dual-power and triple-power core technologies to the industry, demonstrating its great sense of mission in the industry while also demonstrating its brand charm.

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