Lewis Hamilton, who is the only black driver of Formula 1, has once again taken a bold step and heavily criticizes the different teams of Formula One, who have made no effort to address this grave issue. The UK Racing driver believes that all the Racing Teams should be compelled to abide by the rules and regulations of F1 management.

He managed to win the Hungarian Grand Prix last Sunday and now he leads the World Championship. He added that during the event, some of the drivers did not bother to wear the “End Racism” T-shirts, while others simply didn’t attend the ceremony.

Lewis Hamilton said, “There are nine other teams and only one that I have spoken to are working on this in the background. There is no other team I know of that holds themselves accountable. Where is Jean in that scenario? It shouldn’t be me that has to call the teams out, that should be discussed from the top down, by the powers that pull the strings.”

“All I can affect is my sport and we are not doing it anywhere near enough,” he added.

“I continue to be really proud of my team, my team has held themselves accountable and tried to follow through. You have not seen that from any other brand. No other teams have said they will hold themselves accountable. Maybe that is why the drivers aren’t following through,” Hamilton continued.

“It will take a long time because it is not something that is addressed in a few weeks. Patience will be required. When you need to improve all the areas, because we are lacking speed in all the areas, it is not something that a simple trick will address or simple solution or simple package. It will take time. How long? I do not have the answer yet,” Hamilton concluded.

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