NetDragon Websoft Holdings has announced that the company has collaborated with the KONKA E-Display to introduce new smart education production named as the KONKA-Promethean Smart Education Panel.

The KONKA-Promethean Education Panel was successfully developed in the time span of one year with the collaboration of Promethean and it is specifically designed to target K-12 Markers in China. The proposed smart education panel is fully equipped with the state of the art technology and it is also backed by the KONKA’s strong Research & Development and manufacturing process.

Chairman and Founder of NetDragon, Mr. Liu Dejian said, “KONKA is an outstanding representative of ‘Intelligent Manufacturing in China’ with strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, whereas Promethean, a NetDragon subsidiary, has been a market leader in US and many European markets for years.”

“The introduction of KONKA-Promethean Smart Education Panel embodies both parties’ passion in education and aspiration of technology enhancement. With an aim to bring users a better learning experience, NetDragon believes that this new product will be a great success in China. We are excited to promote ‘Intelligent Manufacturing in China’ and ‘China Solutions’ in smart education to the world,” Liu Dejian further added.

Vice President of KONKA, Mr. Chang Dong said, “The cooperation between KONKA and Promethean will open up a new era in the field of smart education.”

The launch of this smart education panel is an important embodiment of education informatization and smart industrialization. It is not only a tool for interactive teaching, but also supported by new technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and big data. The new generation of smart education products will bring better learning experience and services to children in the China market,” Vice President of KONKA Mr. Chang Dong further added in his statement.

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