Badass! Royal Aloha Coffee Company has announced that the company has launched the new visionary franchise in Hawaii. The company has purchased the assets of Hawaii Coffee Franchise back in July 2019 and re-build the franchise in the facility with changing logos, packaging and inspiring in-store design.

The leading Coffee Chain has opened its flagship store in West Jordan, Utah just outside the Salt Lake City. The new store features an innovative Hawaiian Store Décor that reflects the authentic Hawaiian Vibe that is full of coolness and freshness.

Chief Executive Officer of Bass Ass Coffee of Hawaii, Scott Synder said, “There’s an enduring love and consumer connection with this brand that has extended far beyond its current locations, and that’s very exciting.”

“We’re committed to growing this brand by sharing the warm Hawaiian hospitality and culture of the Aloha Spirit in our stores and by selling American-grown Hawaiian coffees and other premium international blends to coffee lovers everywhere in an environment where you can relax, be yourself and fuel your inner badass,” Scott Synder further added in his statement.

“We take our Hawaiian roots very seriously. Our brand would not have the following that it does today without a commitment to quality coffees produced by relationships developed with multi-generation Hawaiian Coffee farmers. Their dedication to their craft produces some of the world’s finest coffees which we’re proud to share at Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii,” added Scott Synder.

“We have aggressive growth plans to expand our franchise network on the mainland and to re-establish a strong presence in Hawaii. We are also pursuing multi-channel growth of our brand through grocery, hospitality and online sales channels,” Chief Executive Officer of Bass Ass Coffee of Hawaii, Scott Synder concluded in his statement.

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