As many world capitals are now relaxing the Covid-19 restrictions and businesses are now starting their operations, the demand of cleaning and sanitization of the businesses surges to provide proper cleaning and disinfect all the businesses items as desks, PCs, tables, chairs, and so on. The cleaning and sanitization effort will not help the business employees to continue their battle against the novel Covid-19 pandemic.

Different businesses are now hiring the services of cleaning and sanitization services to completely disinfect their offices and workplaces from any possible traces of a Covid-19 pandemic. The company’s owners further said this cleaning effort would motivate the employees to come out and resume their jobs without having worried about the virus.

Boss of M&R, Martha Llamas said, “We were quite fortunate to have been ahead of the game. Our trained teams were out there right away, utilizing our equipment and 2-step fogging and disinfecting process.”

Because we were doing videos, blogs, and talking about it a lot online, many new customers found us by searching Google. Some of them have already worked this additional service into their regular cleaning schedules. We’re getting calls from as far away as Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands for training and equipment,” Martha Llamas further added.

Martha has said that the company currently employs 70 workers in the Phoenix Metro Area. Different international TV Channels and Television shows are featuring the amazing story of Martha Llamas. Furthermore, different magazines, radio shows and newspapers are also publishing her story. The story of Martha is indeed a truly inspiring and a great example of what strength, determination and hard work can accomplish, even in the face of impossible odds. All the visitors can easily visit her story “My American Dream”, which is available on her EPK.

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